8 Popular Travel Destinations For Students On A Budget

Published on August 29, 2022 by Editorial Team

8 Popular Travel Destinations For Students On A Budget

What we’ll give to be young students again. To be full of energy to explore the world and unravel some of its mysteries. However, we’ll very much love to avoid essays as much as possible. If there’s a way to become students again without writing essays, we’ll jump at it immediately. Snap! There is a way to avoid writing essays as a student. 

Assignment writer allow you to be a student and have a freer schedule. All you need to do is contact them, order, choose a deadline and expect one of the best essays you’ve ever read. Essays sometimes take the fun out of being a student. The planning, researching, brainstorming, outlining, and writing can be a long, tedious process. Plus, you must do all this while thinking about a deadline. 

Honestly, you need a break, and we are not just talking about waking, sleeping, or boozing. You need a real break. You need to see different sights, absorb different cultures and try new foods. Yes, you need to travel and why are you laughing? You can travel, and it wouldn’t cost you ask much as you think. What you need is the right information about where to go. 

We have that information for you. In this post, we will give you 8 popular travel destinations for students on a budget. So, go pack your bags. We are going on an adventure.

Why You Should Travel 

  • Travelling allows you to meet new people and experience their culture. The world is vast, and you will have limited perspectives when choosing not to explore. 
  • School can be draining. Due to the workload, there is a strain on your mental health. When you travel, your mind could begin to work to heal itself by taking in new pleasurable sights. 
  • Your physical health could significantly improve with travelling, especially if you are the kind that loves hiking or swimming. 

8 Popular Travel Destinations For Students On A Budget

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If you love the sea and beaches, you should pack your bags and book the next available flight to Thailand. Don’t worry. The flights are cheap, and you will find reasonable accommodations that won’t stretch your budget when you get there. You can get the meals you want in restaurants or patronize street vendors.

Thailand has different beaches begging for you to visit. Among them is the beach with the white sand of Ko Phi Phi. You can swim and refresh yourself in the Ko Phi Phi waters or just enjoy the beautiful sights its turquoise water has to offer. 


Portugal can be cheap for tourists and is one of the most affordable places to travel to Europe. Due to its popularity among travellers, you can get amazing flight deals and even more exciting accommodation choices. 

You will bask in the flashy Portuguese culture and enjoy its incredibly tasting foods. There are different sights to see. You can visit the iconic Tower of St. Vincent and Porto, bordered by the soothing River Douro. 

Also, there is the beach in Lagos where you can sunbathe yourself. If you love parties, summertime is a great time to visit Portugal as it is one of the hottest destinations for concerts and tours. 


If you want to party while enjoying one of the most fascinating cultures in the world, visit Cuba. Cuba is all about the beaches, parties, and bubbling nightlife. Have fun touring the colourful city of Havana and retire to an affordable hotel that would help you relax and gear you on for the next days touring.  


Himalaya’s Nepal gives a traveller who has had weary moments the rejuvenation they seek. The accommodations are unreasonably cheap yet still more than decent. The sights you’ll see make everything worth it. When you get to Nepal, just visit Kathmandu and enjoy the beautiful architecture. 

Dominican Republic 

Honestly, what is travelling without some exotic beaches and a nice long swim? In addition, if you love to surf, surf up, and if you don’t want to surf, but you enjoy kayaking, that’s another activity you can do. To enjoy this country the most, you should visit Puerto Plata for the best unique attractions. 


The Batu caves are one of the places you should visit when you get to Malaysia. Then head on to the Cameron Highland and lose yourself in the sea of green landscape dotted with heels. You have an even more adventure-like feeling as you explore the rainforests of this beautiful country. 


India is a country that never sleeps and is always eager for travellers. You can tour the city of Mumbai and have a feel of how fast-paced the city is. You can then relax after touring the lonely Goa beaches. 

South Africa

SA has some amazing places you should visit. You can enjoy the breathtaking city of Durban and its pleasant weather. If you want more, you can visit Cape Town, and that’s not all. There is the Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens with an incomparable vibrancy and the Garden Route National Park with its lush greenery. 


The locations we have provided for you will rejuvenate you beyond what you could have imagined. Pack your bags, visit and come back with a renewed appreciation for life.  

Disclaimer – This article is published by a guest author and all opinion about countries is their own

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