7+ Best Writing Tools in 2023

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7+ Best Writing Tools in 2023

Writing has been an essential component of human culture for ages. As we have evolved, so have our writing tools –from lost tools such as clay, slate, and wood, to pen and paper, typewriters, computers, and recently AI-enabled machines and software. Today, writers are spoilt for choice regarding the writing tools to consider for essay writing, storytelling, editing, organizing, or boosting productivity.

Whether you are a seasoned author, a casual blogger, an aspiring writer, or someone who likes to maintain a journal, keeping track of your thoughts and creating a masterpiece is always challenging. Unfortunately, the world continues to be busy, and there are a whole lot of issues to be attended to, making it difficult for one to sit and wait for writing inspiration to strike.

Fortunately, numerous writing tools are available online, free or paid, which can come in handy for authors, novelists, and playwrights, among others. These implements allow writers to put down ideas whenever they strike, regardless of time, and receive feedback on whether they are grammatically correct. As a result, productivity seems to be on an upward trajectory, leading to the continued development of the writing career.

What Are Some of The Best Tools for Writing?

As hinted, advanced technology in modern-day society presents multiple tools for writers to use during the inscription process. Such implementations range from those that check for grammatical errors, vocabulary, and sentence structure to those that offer suggestions on the correct line of thought. Equally, there are tools designed to aid writers by providing meaningful feedback and recommendations, making one adore the entire writing process.

Perhaps you might be conversant with Microsoft Office and Google Docs as some of the standard and most popular tools for writers. If yes, this article will present other tools to complement the latter and help you boost your expertise by choosing from the recommended selection.

1. LibreOffice

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft Office is a common writing tool whose productivity is well-known among writers. Here is its free counterpart: LibreOffice. It is a free classic word processor that might be useful for anyone interested in feeling the power of Microsoft Office without paying a dime. Moreover, it supports all the file types, from the .pptx, .ppt, .xlsx, .doc, and .docx.

2. Draft

Are you a fan of Google Docs? If yes, we might have just introduced you to another option, a perfect replica that is bound to improve your productivity by a significant margin. The draft is one of the best tools for book writers as it lets you keep track of the words you write every day. It can also send you email reminders if you fail to meet your daily word count goals. Aside from that, Draft works the same way as Google Docs, permitting collaborative writing via suggested edits and comments on the document.

3. Grammarly

Grammarly is an AI-powered writing assistant tool that surpasses basic spell checkers. The implementation includes functionalities that allow the writer to check grammar, spelling, punctuation, and plagiarism. Further, it enhances the vocabulary of the write-up, making it appear unique in its way.

Even though there is a free version of the software, the premium version is much better. However, accessing the premium version may be a bit of a hassle for less established writers such as casual bloggers, novel writers, or even students who might need to work on a single essay assignment.

At this point, one can choose to seek assistance from a professional essay writing service. The latter has access to the software and might save you from the hustle of purchasing premium accounts, as well as the overall writing process. CustomWritings is the best example of such companies, providing high-quality custom essay writing services. Furthermore, the website is available for both individuals and companies since they have experts who can generate original papers based on the client’s instructions regardless of whether the assignment is academic-oriented. Thus, it is common to find students in the USA and beyond placing orders, inquiries, or even buying custom essays and research papers depending on individual needs.

4. Reedsy Book Editor

This free online word processor formats your book as you write. It is a good option for authors interested in seeing their thoughts string into a ready-to-publish manuscript. Apart from the sophisticated level of organization that the tool offers, it has spelling-checker functionalities, which help to boost general productivity.

5. StayFocusd

Do you usually struggle to remain attentive and focus on your writing task, or are you just interested in avoiding distractions from other websites and apps? StayFocusd is your answer. It is a Google Chrome extension that helps you block all the sites you ask it to and prevents you from getting distracted. Therefore, it plays a part in improving your productivity and ensuring you deliver your mandate.

6. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a three-in-one tool working as an AI-powered writing mentor, style editor, and grammar checker. It might just be an alternative to Grammarly. In addition, the implementation offers more granular recommendations, which might be the right dose for any serious writer to understand the mechanics of writing.

7. QuillBot

This AI-powered multi-purpose tool works as a citation generator, paraphraser, plagiarism checker, grammar checker, and co-writer. It is arguably one of the best tools in academia, even though it might not be a good option for content publishers and freelance writers.

Online Writing Tools for Students

When it comes to writing tools, a good number can be accessed online. This is primarily because most of them depend on an internet connection to provide the best services to the writers. For instance, except for LibreOffice and Microsoft Office, all the tools mentioned are online-based.

Even though we have discussed the best writing tools at the writer’s disposal, it might as well be essential to have some free tools from the list highlighted. Specifically, some writers might not be able to pay the premium subscriptions while still needing to boost their performance. Thus, at this point is where the free writing tools come in handy to save the day and ensure that all students meaningfully develop their careers.

From the above-discussed tools, the following can be accessed for free or at least have some free tiers:

  • LibreOffice
  • Draft
  • Grammarly
  • Reedsy book editor
  • ProWritingAid (chrome extension)

In sum, productivity is a very crucial aspect of writing. However, this is impossible when resources, from learning materials to writing tools, are unavailable. As a result, it has become a significant challenge for beginners to break through the industry, let alone come up with the best content. Therefore, with the recommendations in this article, we believe that writers, especially those beginning their careers, can garner some helpful information that will play a substantial role in their development.

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