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Copy Invisible character or blank text with a click of a button using this Invisible Text Generator.

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What is an Invisible Character?

The invisible character is a Unicode character that is not visible to the naked eye. It is a blank or empty character that can not be seen but copied and pasted wherever you want.

Whenever people want to send a blank text on a message, WhatsApp status, or anywhere, the apps do not allow them to send it. Still, if you use this blank text generator, you can send invisible text over the internet wherever you want for fun, filling out forms, creating a password, etc.

You can copy as many invisible characters as you want and use them wherever you want.

How To Generate Invisible Character:

There is an empty character in the text box. To copy it, just click on the “Generate Invisible Text” button, and the blank text will be highlighted; you can then click (Ctrl+c) or (cmd+c) to copy the Empty character.


Select the invisible text type you want from the dropdown and to copy it to your clipboard, just click the ”Copy Invisible Text” button. You can use the first method if this one does not work..

How to test invisible character?

Paste your invisible character in the text area to check whether your text got copied or not

Unicode Empty Character Table

The table below shows the types of invisible characters and their respective Unicode characters:

[ㅤ] Space ()U+0020
] Line SeparatorU+2028
[ㅤ] No-Break SpaceU+00A0
[ ] Ideographic SpaceU+3000
[ ] En QuadU+2000
[ ] Em QuadU+2001
[ ] En spaceU+2002
[ ] Em spaceU+2003
[ ] Three-Per-Em SpaceU+2004
[ ] Four-Per-Em SpaceU+2005
[ ] Six-Per-Em SpaceU+2006
[ ] Figure SpaceU+2007
[ ] Punctuation SpaceU+2008
[ ] Thin SpaceU+2009
[ ] Hair SpaceU+200A

Features Of This Invisible Text

The following are the key features of our invisible letter generator:

Get Invisible Character Instantly:

All of us are in a hurry these days, and our invisible character copy paste is designed to give you the invisible letter quickly and instantly with just a click of a button.

Free to use:

Get as many blank text as you want whenever you want and use them wherever you want for free.

Surprise your friends:

You can send your friends an invisible character, and they will be surprised to see absolutely nothing sent to them.

No sign-up Required:

Use this tool as many times as you can, and we will not ask you to sign in or register on the website.

Copy, Paste, and Test feature:

We offer two methods for blank space copy and paste; you can use whichever suits you. You can also paste the copied empty text in the test text area to check if it got copied.

Where to use Invisible Text:

Following the applications, you can use an invisible character.

Use it on WhatsApp:

Send the empty text to your friends, and you will be surprised at their reactions.

invisible character use on WhatsApp

Use on Twitter and Instagram:

Now, you can set your Twitter or Instagram username to nothing by using invisible text for uniqueness. People can send empty characters as comments on a post.

Use in Online Games Like Fortnite and PUBG:

The games do not allow you to add empty spaces in your username, but now you can add blank text to your username using this blank space copy paste tool.

Use to fill Online forms:

We all are annoyed with those red, danger-colored required fields while filling out an online form. Now, send empty text in the required input fields to submit forms instantly.

About Invisible Text Generator

Invisible text generator is a free tool to create invisible characters to make empty message or space. This tool use unicode characters to create whitespace.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I use Empty text in my Game username?

A: Yes, you can add a space by adding a blank text in your username, and it will be considered a character.

Q: Where can I use Empty Character?

A: Empty characters can be used in many places, like filling out an online form, using Instagram, Twitter, and Discord usernames, and using them in online games like Fortnite, Pubg, etc.

Q: Can I use the Space bar on my keyword as an invisible character?

A: No, the space bar on your keyword is not an invisible character or a blank text. You can not use it in your social media handles, usernames, or in filling out forms. An invisible character is a Unicode character absolutely different from normal space.

Q: Do I need to install app to use Invisible Text Generator?

A: No, You don't need to install any app or extension. Just enter count and then click on generate button.

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