How to Get 1 Million Views on Instagram Reels

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How to Get 1 Million Views on Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are short interesting videos that you can make and share with others to draw high interactions. Since they are only a few seconds long, people are more likely to stop and watch them as they scroll through their feed, and also view them over and over again.

When done right, creating Instagram reels can increase your chances of getting a higher number of views, even up to 1 million views. Recording this many views is a big deal, particularly because more people will notice you.

Also, your account becomes more visible and can attract more people to your brand. Similarly, more people will tend to like, comment, or share your content with their friends, which will boost your engagement level. So in this article, we will share with you proven methods on how to get 1 million views on Instagram reels.

9 Proven Ways to Get 1 Million Views on Instagram Reels

Learn the strategies that can push your content to go viral on Instagram. Below are 9 ways to Get 1 Million Views on your Instagram reels:

1) Buy 1M Instagram Reels Views

Buying up to 1 million authentic Instagram reels views is the simplest way to reach the milestone, giving your Instagram account an instant boost, and opening up your brand page to start experiencing rapid organic growth.

This is because, when you have such level of interaction, people find it more convincing to check out your other content and become more interested in what you do.

It can also help to draw other brands to your business for possible paid sponsorships and partnerships. The safest way to do this is to buy 1M Instagram Reels Views from Media Mister, who provides 100% natural views from real accounts, and with a money-back guarantee.

 This is simply gaining an advantage in the already highly competitive Instagram community, fast-tracking your business growth, and solidifying your social media presence.

2) Start with a Hook and Keep It Short

Grabbing viewers’ attention in the first few seconds of a Reel is crucial because people decide quickly if they want to keep watching. Start strong with something exciting or surprising, like a funny moment or an interesting scene.

Also, you should make use of bright colors, catchy music, or bold text to draw attention. Keep your Reel short and to the point, focusing on one main idea or theme. Make sure that you avoid long intros or slow starts that might make people lose interest.

By grabbing attention early and keeping your content concise, you will keep viewers engaged and increase the chances of your Reel being watched and shared.

 3) Be on Trend

Trends are powerful, especially on Instagram and creating content around them is one of the most effective ways to boost engagement.

Be on the lookout for trending topics related to your niche, craft your content around those topics in the most engaging way and post them right when they are still trending. Social media trends are not limited to topics.

They may be content styles, format, etc. You will reach new audiences and boost your account by leveraging all these trends. By staying current and tapping into what people are already interested in, you can attract more viewers and get more engagement for your Reels.

 4) Use the Right Hashtags

Using hashtags on Instagram is not old-fashioned. It is one of the proven ways to attract people to your content organically.

Hashtags are usually written in this form “#instagram” in the caption section of your post or on your profile. Firstly, you need to research the most relevant hashtags to your niche and individual post then use them strategically.

You can also ask yourself “What words are Instagram users likely to search for that are related to my Instagram reel?” When you find those words, use them strategically. They can increase your Instagram reel views to even up to a million.

5) Use Trending Music

Attaching popular sounds to your Instagram reels is another trick that works, because these sounds are already trending and that means that a lot of users are engaging them.

If you do the due diligence of identifying relevant trending sounds, there is a high possibility that new users can find and engage your Instagram reels.

To use trending music for your reels, click on a reel that has the audio you want, locate the music icon on the bottom left and click. You will see the “use audio” option there.

6) Post-Reels Consistently

Consistency is a great hack to anything, including online visibility. If your goal is to hit 1 million Instagram reel views, you need to post as much as you can.

Creating a content schedule is the key to staying consistent. Have a plan including the days and times to post your Instagram reels and follow appropriately. That way, you can retain your audience’s interest and keep them looking forward to your posts daily.

Put in the effort to create high-quality Instagram reels and show up every day to get 1M Instagram reel views without too much hassle.

7) Promote on Other Social Media

Promoting your Instagram Reels on other social media platforms is a strategy that works efficiently. By sharing your posts on platforms like Twitter, TikTok and Instagram stories, you will increase your reach and visibility.

Take advantage of the followers you have and the engagement you have on these other platforms to get more engagement for your Instagram Reels.

With this, getting 1 million Instagram Reel views will become more realistic, and you could even go beyond that target if your content is good enough. Ensure that you use clear calls to action when doing cross-promotion so that users can do exactly what you want them to do.

8) Collaborate with Other Creators

Collaboration is essential for rapidly engaging new audiences with your Instagram reels. This approach helps you to unlock access to users who might not otherwise discover your content, even with paid campaigns.

Research creators with a similar audience or demographic. Approach them professionally, highlighting the benefits of collaboration.

Work with multiple creators, but manage one or two collaborations at a time to track progress toward your goal of reaching one million Instagram Reel views.

9) Use Instagram Analytics

Utilize Instagram’s analytics feature instead of posting what you think works. These tools are designed for monitoring and evaluating your content’s performance.

From there, you will get insights regarding all your posts in terms of engagement, popularity, etc. Views represent the content’s reach and popularity, while likes, comments, and shares indicate the level of engagement.

An example of an insight you can get from using Instagram analytics is that around 21% of reel views come from Gen Z users. Insights such as this will guide you on what trending music, hashtags and other strategies to use to attract 1 million Instagram reel views.


Reaching 1 million views on Instagram reels is not just achievable but also essential for amplifying brand visibility and engagement. By diligently implementing these proven methods that we have discussed, you can be sure that reaching 1 million views on Instagram reels is well within your grasp!

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