5 Vue JS Project Ideas For Beginners

Published on December 7, 2022 by Editorial Team

5 Vue JS Project Ideas For Beginners

There are a number of reasons you may want to start a simple Vue JS project. Practicing with Vue JS ideas makes it easier to code in future, providing another skill to help you get  hired or to start your own endeavor.

Vue JS is an excellent framework to learn as it is highly flexible and progressive. It uses the best features of other JavaScript libraries, melding them together to offer a huge range of possibilities. It is for this reason that huge companies like Alibaba, Xiaomi, Grammarly, Adobe, and even Nintendo use Vue JS.

If you haven’t started learning to use Vue JS just yet, we recommend starting with the basics. But if you are getting the hang of it and want to try out some interesting projects, you can try one or more of the following.


The easiest Vue JS project to start with is a simple calculator. Calculators are not the most exciting thing to create, especially now that you can just type your equation into Google. However, it provides a way to experiment with the framework. It won’t take you long at all to create the calculator, and then you can play around with the UI and style.

Checkout Forms

This is a big step up from a calculator, but not because the Vue JS components of this project are particularly hard. Rather, it is because a checkout form may need to combine a number of components. If you want to create some simple components that require user input, you can use this Vue WYSIWYG editor, which provides great out-of-box experience.

Checkout forms are a good project to experiment with because they contain components used for so many other purposes. Remember to mess around a bit – you will benefit more from trying and failing than from only doing what you know.

Weather App

Creating a weather app is a fun use of your time and a good way to get to know Vue JS. It will take just a few hours to efficiently code a well-designed weather app that looks great. You don’t need to provide accurate data from the start, as you are just experimenting, but you can use live data from reliable sources once your app looks and acts as you want it to.

Tutorials and Recipes

Vue JS is perfect for creating to-do lists, which also makes it ideal for tutorials and recipes. When you are creating a tutorial or a recipe, you are essentially building a to-do list that requires tasks to be completed in a specific order. Your app can provide a number of tutorials to choose from, in which the user learns to create something themselves.

There are many ways to level-up an app of this kind. Being able to break down certain steps, for instance, may help users who need a bit more guidance. You can add alternatives and substitutes for ingredients of any given recipe.

The above 5 projects are great ways to explore Vue JS. Get started with this intuitive framework used by some of the biggest companies and you won’t look back.

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