10 Best Online Video Downloading Sites using URL for Free

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10 Best Online Video Downloading Sites using URL for Free

Are you looking for the best online video downloading sites? If yes then this article is especially for you because in this article I will tell you the Best Online Video Downloading Sites.

YouTube is one of the widest platforms for streaming video. This is, one of the most used and watched streaming websites all across the globe.

You will find tv shows, music videos, films, gaming content, news, educational videos and also personal entertainment vlogs.

If you have a slow or weak web connection, then it can be problematic for video streaming, and this is why we would recommend you save your favorite content from YouTube to your local storage.

Technically it looks impossible because YouTube or any other site for that matter does not allow you to download their content. But in this source, we are going to list out the ten best tools that can help you save videos using URLs!

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Before we tell you about the top ten tools, we want you to know the percentage of availability of videos on different platforms all across the globe!

  • YouTube covers 72% of the video content on the Internet.
  • 5% of content belongs to Netflix
  • 5% of content belongs to Vimeo
  • 4% of content belongs to Dailymotion
  • Hulu takes 3% of the total share
  • Vibe comes next with a 2%
  • Twitch comes with 2% as well
  • Liveleak has 2%, and Vine has 1%
  • All other websites contain the remaining 4% of videos

Best video downloader tools for URL downloading

We have gathered all this information after great research on hundreds of free and paid tools on the web. Read the below-mentioned details and use the tool that triggers your instinct!

1. SmallSeoTools

Online video downloader by Small seo tools is one of the best online tools you can find. This is the easiest tool that would help you save videos from every website on the Internet. You need to copy the URL of the video that you want to download and paste it into the input box given by the tool. This video downloader is a well-reputed tool that can be used for free. You can download videos unlimited with this online downloader.

2. 4k video downloader program

This online video downloader tool can be used for free and without any trouble. It is considered to be the perfect one for downloading complete batches or playlists of videos and that tool in high quality. There are two plans available with this program. The first plan is the basic and free one which can be used to save high-quality content with some limitations. The second plan is the one in which you have to get a personal or business license based on your requirements.

3. WinX video downloader

Another online video downloader tool that can be used to save videos from the Internet based on URLs. This is said to be one of the Deluxe tools that you can find online; this is an ideal platform that can help you in saving high-quality as well as low-quality content. The operation of this program is easy and understandable. You can not only download videos with this tool, but you can also convert formats to your desired ones.

4. Snap downloader

This is one of the best video downloader tools that you can find online if you want to save content in 8k quality. You can save videos based on their URLs may they belong to YouTube or any other website. This is a downloadable tool that you can have on your device for free. This video downloader also has different packages concerning different limitations. It has one of the friendliest interfaces you will find on the web.

5. Video procs

This is a fast video downloader tool that can be used by anyone who wants to save content in their local storage. This downloader can help you save content from more than thousands of websites and that too for free. You have to copy the link/URL of the video from its origin and paste it in the designated box in the tool. It will find the content and download it in your desired quality. You can get special discounts on the paid packages of the tool.

6. Y2 Mate

Y2mate is a website tool that can help you in saving content from the Internet. It has an easy-to-use interface which can help you understand the working of the tool for sure. You can not only find and download videos via URL, but you can also do it with the help of keywords and links to the pages on which the video exists. There is no limitation in the use of this tool, and you can save as much content as you want.

7. YouTube video downloader

This is a great platform that can help you save content directly from YouTube using the links to the videos. This tool allows you the unlimited downloading of HD and SD videos from not only YouTube but also Facebook. It supports multiple document formats and is compatible with all browsers.

8. Savefrom.net

This is another video downloader website tool that one should know about. This website tool is compatible with not only pcs but also with smartphones. The tool is integrated with more than dozens of websites and video streaming applications and can help you in unlimited downloading of content in your desired quality. It would be best if you had the URL of the video, and you are good to go.

9. Itubego

This video downloader tool is compatible with all devices and has strong integrations with almost every video streaming website. This online tool is usually used to save content of lower quality as it doesn’t support the saving of HD content. You can also download or save the complete batch of files with this online tool. This is also a URL-based grabber program

10. Bit downloader

This is a free video downloader tool that can save content from all the major platforms hosting video content on the Internet. You can also download the application on your device or can use it online. You don’t have to worry about any copyright issues and restrictions with this program. Just keep inputting the URL of the video and saving it on your device!

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