Plus AI: The Top AI Presentation Make

Updated on April 24, 2024 by Layla Griffin

Plus AI: The Top AI Presentation Make

Presentations are a key element for success in professional and educational environments. Be it presenting a business idea, delivering an anticipated lecture, or disclosing a project, presentations are invaluable tools in the communication of information.

Well, who really will have the time to create a presentation from zero? Even though creating a visually beautiful presentation design is vital, it may easily take up time when you should be spending that time on your presentation delivery or other more pressing tasks. 

Fortunately, we now have exciting tools such as Plus AI which transformed the process of creating presentations. Plus AI’s sophisticated artificial intelligence skills save you from the burden of creating visually appealing presentations, freeing you up to concentrate on impactfully conveying your message!

Plus AI – What is It?

Plus AI (Plusdocs), the best AI presentation generator for Google Slides, allows customization and creation of presentations simply by the use of artificial intelligence. Haven’t enough of a programmer? Worry not! All you need to do is install the Plus AI extension from the Google Workspace Marketplace, and you can start using Plus AI straight away in Google Slides – without learning another design tool. Once you have this extension installed, you can use Google Slides to access it and instruct Plus AI on the type of presentation you wish to create. Plus AI will create a high-end and personalized presentation within just a minute according to your chosen criteria. You won’t ever need to start from zero when designing a presentation. 

After you have generated your presentation with Plus AI’s tools, you will be able to utilize its additional smart AI features, such as adding new slides, rewriting the text, automatically changing the layout, and designing it further. AI also covers more than 100 different templates for users to pick and use. However, if none of them sticks to you, you can also create a custom theme by adding your logo to it and choosing fonts and colors that reflect your branding. 

Essential Features of Plus AI

  • Prompt to presentation 
  • Transform text into slides
  • More than 100 amazing layouts 
  • Possibility of AI in any language 
  • Change the look of your slides
  • AI-powered design slides

Who is Plus AI Most Likely to Help?

Businesses: For doing sales pitches, client representations, or internal meetings, Plus AI helps businesses present visually nice and attractive presentations that would impress the audience. 

Educators: Teachers and professors can rely on Plus AI to come up with outstanding presentation slides on very short notice for their lectures. Applying the technology of artificial intelligence, teachers convert passive content to attractive slides that attract students’ attention and indeed place them in the position of receiving quality education.

Startup Owners: Also, AI’s set of tools can be utilized to assist in the creation of compelling and professional pitch decks that maintain the attention of investors or clients. The startup owners can concentrate on the entrepreneurship strategy and leave the presentation design to Plus AI.

Bloggers: Rather than resorting to traditional blog posts, bloggers can enrich the experience of their readers with the Plus AI by converting written content into interactive or shareable slideshows. Regardless of the type of post, a tutorial, or a roundup of the products, AI Plus aids bloggers in making their content presentable and more appealing to a larger public.

Precise Plus AI Guide: Create a Presentation in a Minute

There comes an important part – we are now familiar with the features of the Plus AI and now it’s time to see how they work. 

Here is how you can do it. It takes only a few minutes for Plus AI to make a Google Slides presentation. Let’s recap everything one by one so you don’t get lost in the process. 

  1. Sign in to your Plus AI account
  2. Install the Plus AI plugin 
  3. Open Google Slides
  4. Make a blank presentation
  5. Click the Plus AI extension
  6. Begin your free trial
  7. Get a presentation started 
  8. Select a preset
  9. Create an outline
  10. Select a theme
  11. Generate!

Among all presentation makers, Plus AI stood out without any doubt. Whichever field you work in, they will make your work easier and more successful with their tools. Therefore, hurry up and experience the numerous advantages of this incredible tool!

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