Best Tools for ID Theft Detection These Days

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Best Tools for ID Theft Detection These Days

The internet today has become an indispensable part of our lives making things easy and convenient for us. However, while we have integrated the internet into our lives seamlessly we also need to focus on how hackers and spammers can turn the same tool against us by stealing valuable information and data without our permission and knowledge. Identity theft today has become quite rampant because people today put a lot of their personal and professional data and information online like social security numbers, credit card and bank details and so on. 

Hence, people must make use of ID theft protection services to avoid emotional distress, financial loss and damage to their credit rating and score. While Lifelock is one of the popular ID theft protection software you can always evaluate various Lifelock alternatives that would provide you with similar services and protection. 


Considered one of the most comprehensive ID theft protection services, Aura offers a family plan which ensures that not only you but your family as well including children under age 18 can avail of the benefits. Also, no matter what plan you choose all plans come with a coverage protection of up to $1 million. The software also offers excellent VPN and malware protection which ensures that you can make the most of the services you avail. Also, Aura is one of the top ID theft protection services that offer multiple plans including single, couple and family plans. This offers financial fraud protection, antivirus protection, password manager, vault and parental controls and safe gaming controls to manage different types of identity theft.

Identity Guard

If you prefer to make use of an ID theft protection service that goes easy on your budget you can look for Identity Guard. This is essential because you want to find the perfect balance between the features you get and the money you pay for them. With Identity Guard you are insured for up to $1 million if someone hijacks your identity. Also, it makes use of IBM’s Watson artificial intelligence to look out for people who intend to compromise and hijack your personal and professional data. It comes with features like credit monitoring, financial monitoring and dark web scanning. You can choose from individual and family plans to keep yourself and your family safe.

ID Shield

You must understand the importance of data privacy to ensure that you safeguard it the right way. ID Shield is among the top ID theft protection programs that you can buy to ensure that you can safeguard your details. The program makes use of a password manager that stores all password information, a VPN to keep you anonymous online and integrated antivirus software to ensure that no malware, virus or spyware is installed on your device unknowingly.  With single and family plans users have the choice to decide how they want to safeguard their personal information. Like most of the programs, ID Shield also offers $1 million insurance in case of hijacking of data. It can also help you with credit reports from TransUnion and this is a great option for those who want to balance features against the total cost. 


A division of Fair Isaac Corporation, myFICO is mainly a credit-monitoring plan which comes integrated with basic identity theft protection features. Users can choose from a free plan and three premium plans to enjoy the benefits. This allows users to keep tabs on their credit score and identity as well. The premium plans come with $1 million insurance for victims, intensive monitoring features, identity restoration services, dark web scanning, lost wallet assistance and many other features that would ensure a better ID theft protection experience.

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