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Video to GIF Converter

Upload video and then click on convert button.

This Video to GIF Converter Converter Tool Convert Video Format (MP4, OGG, WEBM) File to GIF Format, Even If video size is longer. If the Video Size is longer then 1 minute then maybe it takes extra time to convert. This Video to GIF Converter is Fully Safe, We did not store any file in cloud storage, All Conversion takes place from your Browser. During Converting Video Format to GIF Format this tool does not consume Traffic.

Our Video to GIF Converter Tool Comes with many amazing features:

  • Supports Many Video Format (MP4, WEBM, OGG)
  • Convert MP4 to GIF
  • Convert WEBM to GIF
  • Convert OGG to GIF
  • It Also Convert Longer Video
  • All conversions are made in the browser
  • While Conversion It Does not consume device traffic
  • Works on Maximum Browser (Chrome Recommended)

An Animated GIF has no audio capabilities, therefore, an animated GIF is only good for its visual aspect. It's good for social media in short clips because it will repeat as long as it's on-screen whereas in Video it comes with audio it is best for longer clips.

Follow the Steps given below to Convert Video to GIF:

  1. First Open this Tool in Browser (Chrome Recommended)
  2. Click on the "Click here to upload a file" Button and Browse Video
  3. Now Press Start Conversion Button and Wait
  4. Scroll Down to See/Download Converted GIF

First Way:

  1. Scroll to Converted GIF
  2. Click on Download Button and Wait
  3. Now it started downloading

Second Way:

  1. Click on Converted GIF
  2. Long Press on GIF and then Click on Save Image As
  3. Now Browse Directory and then Click Save
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